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Nicky comes back for another year of high school. A bunch of new guys are throwing themselves at her, but she only has eyes for one guy. She gets mixed signals from him, feeling of rejection, and heartache. Will he be able to come through in the end? Will she be able to tell him the truth? That she likes him more than a friend? Or will she keep up her act of 'I would never like you.' Just because she feels he would never like her back.


Nicky: A high spirited girl who fears rejection. She has long, dirty, blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is very athletic, and loves music also. She has a brother named Sam who gets on her nerves all the time, but she loves him anyway. Her best friend is Anders. She has known him since Kindergarten. Sam: Nicky's older brother who is the captain of the basketball team. He loves his little sister, but sometimes, he just needs some privacy! He has a girlfriend names Christine. She is super pretty, and very popular. He still doesn't know if this other girl likes him, Annalee. It isn't bad if he likes 2 girls but he is dating one.. right? Anders: He has known Nicky for as long as he can remember. He hates seeing Nicky upset over stupid guys who don't give a crap! He wants her to know how beautiful she is, inside and out! He loves football, and everything about it. Even if he isn't that good. He hopes to play football, if he improves, in college. But he will just have to wait and see. Jake: All the girls swoon over the new guy. Jake sort of takes advantage of this. He toys with girls affections. But, he only likes one girl. He loves soccer, and football. He is running back for the football team, and forward for soccer. He tries to act all cool, but really, he is super sweet and caring. Cassy: Jake's soon to be girlfriend. She loves gossiping. If she didn't have a mouth, she would probably die. She loves soccer. She can't play the piano, so she pretends to to get on Nicky's nerves. (read in the book) She loves annoying, and talking behind Nick'y back. Amanda: Schools tramp. She thinks everything revolves around her. She manipulates boys so they do anything for her. She really likes Jake, but Nicky keeps getting in the way. So does Cassy. She will have to do something extra special to get his attention. (Find out in the story) She doesn't do sports because she sucks at it, and doesn't want to break a nail. Though, she does do cheerleading.

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