Deadlox 6

Her username used to be _Window_ and GlitchedCanada, but she changed it to NooWhy.

NooWhy is a author with only 2 stories, A Patient's Heart and A Dream Come True. She joined on May 27, 2013. She was inactive throughout the 2013, mostly being on Quotev and editing stuff on She only has 11 followers. Which doesn't phase her at all. Her real name is Helen, but she really doesn't want to reveal her last name at all.

Her profile picture is real-life Deadlox. And it also states in her about me that she is NOT Deadlox, and she hopes people would understand that very much. NooWhy loves anime very much, her favorite being Hetalia. In her reading lists, you'll mostly find yaoi or bxb.

Please, don't question it or she will personally give you the middle finger in real life. She says on Quotev, she didn't update as often. But, she plans to change that very very soon in the near future with her 2 new stories. She also has 3 gifs on her about me that says "Hero's Wear Headphones."

And it has a gif of TheCreatureHub on those 3 gifs. Her most favorite story on Wattpad is Yaoi!Hetalia (Lemons) which is very graphic, so she won't explain the stories in detail. Her 2nd favorite story is Hybrid Of Love (SetoLox) and she really wants a squeal of that story really bad.