InuyashaForLife is a Malaysian Wattpad Writer with 152 followers. She is an Inuyasha fan as shown by her stories. Her most famous story is "Inuyasha's Twin Brother" with 17K reads. A sequel follows it called "Naraku and Friends" with 3K reads. She has several stories including an "Inuyasha x Reader", an Art Book, "Inuyasha Texts" and many others.

Inuyasha's Twin Brother Edit

Inuyasha's only living relative was Sesshomaru;a full fledged demon. They hated each other as much as the next person. Inuyasha could never have a proper brotherly relationship....Ever.

Or so everyone thinks.

This story revolves around a half demon named Inumaru, the twin brother of Inuyasha. After being seperated for so long since Inuyasha was sealed to the tree. Inumaru holds special powers that enable him to heal at will. Read this for an interesting prespective on what if Inuyasha had a twin brother.