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MlleAckerman (In the past MlleHarmonia), is a French Wattpad writer. Her most famous story is called " Carnet de dessin | graphics " where she published her drawings. She is a writer of fanfiction; Tokyo Ghoul, Attack On titan, Yandere Simulator. His stories are in progress in English translation. As of now, she has 267 followers.

Books Edit

  • Carnet de dessin | Graphic [1] (In english: Sketch Book | Graphic)
  • Recueil d'OS de Tomato [2] (In english: Compendium One shot of Tomato)
  • Yandere Simulator - Du jeu à la fiction...[3] (In english: Yandere Simulator - Game Fiction)
  • L'oubliée de Sina |SNK|[4] (In english: The Forgetten of Sina)
  • Grande Sœur |TG| [5] (In english: Big Sister ?)
  • Vie Sociale.. Ou pas. [6] (In english: Sociale Life.. Or not.)
  • And then Satan said: "Here, have feelings." |TG:re|[7] (The title is in English)
  • Les secrets.. Qui ne sont plus des secrets.[8] (The secrets..Who are not anymore secrets.)