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The third cover for Our Last Days

Our Last Days is an action, thriller and post-apocalyptic novel by TomorrowsSeeker . It is the first book in The Days Trilogy series.


Our Last Days is set in the 22nd Century world of Earth where roaming infected called Lights roam freely. The first book is started in the fictional fallen city called Vanguard, which was known to be somewhere in North America. Various elements in the story are similar to the 21st century because the author claimed that "Much things today will not be altered in the future...When are we going to have flying cars? Virtual transportation through the net? Surely, not in a century." It was described in the book that buildings will be bigger and more exquisite than the ones today.

Initial PlotEdit

In the year 2109, scientists devised a way to extract energy from the beautiful curtains of the Northern Lights from the poles. The light extracted from the curtains are then used to cure any disease, super-speed healing times of broken bones, cuts and even cures cancer by speeding up the regenerative process of the human body. The people who undergone the medicine was fine without any negative symptoms until a year later. In the year 2210, the people who had undergone the medicine vanished from the face of the Earth, confusing scientists and civilians alike. The next year, a group of people entered a public mall in America and ravaged everyone in it, shocking the world. The people who went in stayed in the mall for a few days, making it their fortress. Soon, the government eliminated the people inside. The people soon found out that the people were the patients of the Northern Light medicine and sent them to the scientists of the Northern Lights, where they rose up from the dead and took over the facility. These infected people are then called Lights .