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Gevruke Vako isn't just any Zabrak; but he's the son of the feared Sith Apprentice: Darth Maul. When his
Star wars
Father is killed by non other than Lord Sidious, Vako swears to continue his Father's legacy by killing Sidious, and anyone who gets in his way. Vako will do anything to get revenge, which means using the only thing Maul taught him: how to use the Dark-Side of the Force... He wants to make Sidious forever remember the definition of Vengance...


  • Gevruke Vako- Born on the planet of Dathomir, Vako has always looked up to his Father: Maul. Maul taught his son the ways of the Dark Side, but he didn't want him to become a Sith Apprentice to Lord Sidious; which was why he kept Vako on Iridonia. The young Zabrak admired his Father's dual-lightsaber, but Maul never allowed him to use it. Around the age of 23, Vako went home, only to find Maul on the floor bleeding to death. He died with his lightsaber in his hand, and Vako grew enraged to a point where he made a nearby gas-tank explode. That was the day he vowed to get revenge.
  • Darth Maul- Maul was Vako's Father. He found Vako in an abandoned Dathomirian Village, and took him to Iridonia to teach him the ways of the Dark-Side. He never told Vako that he wasn't his real Father, knowing that it would damage him emotionally. When Sidious found out about Vako, Maul did everything he could to protect his son from Sidious. Another Sith Lord was sent to kill Maul, and he succeded... Maul defended himself with his dual-lightsaber, but he was killed...