ShadowLykos, a.k.a Joolzanfire is a fairly well-known Wattpad user, mainly for their book series Life as a Minecraft Mob. They write short stories, mainly in the first person.

Elemental CraftersEdit

ShadowLykos created a group known as The Elemetal Crafters around mid-September. The group featured Wattpad users ShadowLykos, OliviaLovesSnow, and TimeIsTicking. They each had their own element, Shadow's being Fire, Olivia's being Snow, and Time's being Time. Each person had their own book, describing their life story, however, only Olivia's was updated frequently. Shadow's had gotten on hold and Time's was deleted due to author's block. In November, Time and ShadowLykos comfirmed to be in a relationship with one-another.


Shadow has 16 books on their profile, 4 being finished, 1 on hold, and the rest being tiny little short stories or other things, like their book for their October-November contest. Their most famous is their story Life as a Minecraft Mob, due to its originality and the fact that Wattpad didn't have many Minecraft fanfics on the site.


  • Shadow has wished to keep their gender and name secret.
  • Shadow opened up commisions, which can be bought for a decent/ low price.
  • Shadow is the most shipped in The Elemental Crafters but due to a recent poll that TimeIsTicking gave to her so-called "Time Travelers" it was found that more people were dond of the JoolzanTicking ship.
  • Shadow calls their fans, "embers," and they were called, "sparks" for a short period.
  • In November, Time and Shadow started being in an official relationship.