The Amazing Rocket Hood: Chapt 3 is a 2018 American animated superhero story written by Darlene Paguio, it is the sequel to The Amazing Rocket Hood: Chapt. 2 and third installment of the book series.


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The film begins at the last film’s end, the battle with The Underminer. A female magician named Maisie Greyson is interrogated by General Anderson as he explains what happened to him as the Underminer surfaced. Bob and Helen Parr go to battle him while Dash and Violet are left to take care of Jack-Jack. Dash ultimately goes after them, while Violet throws her mask on the ground. Rydinger tells Dicker that he thought he heard Violet's voice as one of the supers, and Violet accidentally reveals herself to Rydinger as he is hiding under a car from the Underminer. He runs away from the awkward situation, a decision Tony says he regrets to Dicker. He says that he wishes he could forget he ever found out about Violet's secret, and Dicker wipes his memory of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Underminer gets away and breaks the monorail, to which Frozone saves. In the end, the Incredibles make the drill unusable, but the Police turn up and arrest all the heroes but Frozone, who met up with a tycoon named Winston Deavor. Before learning about Winston, Rick Dicker informs the Parr family about The National Supers Agency Closing. At DevTech, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone learn about why they were always near arrest.