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Hans Peterson saves Flight-102 from a technical failure, in return he is showered with awards and praise from all over the world. However, as he digs deeper, he realises that Flight-102 was actually sabotaged, and the person responsible is planning to strike again. The government however refuses to believe him and declares him as a criminal for creating mass-hysteria. Can Hans with the help of co-worker Brian and CIA Agent Smith evade capture and save the day? Read, and find out!


Hans Peterson A person who takes his job dead serious. Member of the Technical Support team of Flint Avionics, Hans job is to assist aircrafts which experience technical difficulties, and in the case of a crash to investigate it. He's literally responsible for the lives of hundreds of people who fly in those planes, and he knows and respects it. That's the reason why he challenges the government and decides to take on the people who're responsible for the sabotages. Brian Johnson A coworker and friend of Hans, he respects and looks up to Hans, however the two have very different attitudes to their work, while Hans is a workaholic, Brian is a happy-go-lucky man. Despite that, his conscience and his respect for Hans, makes him put his life on risk and stand beside his friend. Agent Peter Smith He's eerily similar to Hans, but for an incident in his life which completely changed his attitude. He looks for an explanation for that incident, and the only person who can deliver it to him, is Hans. Hence, he puts his knowledge from his experience in the CIA to benefit, and hence creates a deadly trio with Hans and Brian.

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The inspiration for Crash!!! came from watching too many episodes of Air Crash Investigation, Castle, Sherlock Holmes and from reading several books by Robert Ludlum and Dan Brown. I had the idea for Crash!!! in my mind for close to four years, and over the years I kept tweaking it, to bring it to its present form. Ever since I grew old enough to have my independent thoughts and opinions, I've always wanted to be an aircraft engineer. I've been fascinated by the aircraft industry and the lives of aviators (William Boeing, Allan Loughead, Howard Hughes,etc.) In a way Hans Peterson is what I aspire to be when I grow up, whereas what I'm currently is kind of a cross between Hans and Brian. At present I'm pursuing a course in Engineering Design, and hope to be a part of the aviation industry when I graduate.

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