The Creatures of Darkness; Curse of the Werepyre

"The Creatures of Darkness; Curse of the Werepyre" is a fantasy/vampire/werewolf novel by author Taylor Manton (TaylorManton1). It is the first book in a twelve book series.

Please note that the book is being edited and the content is subject to change.


There are five Main Characters in this book:

  • Rafe Liston - Hunter/Vampire/Werepyre
  • Will Liston - Hunter/Vampire
  • Vladimir Satanson - Original Vampire
  • Gracie Moss - Witchwolf
  • Victoria Alexia - Vampire Doppelganger


Rafe Liston and his entire family are supernatural Hunters, and are a part of the large organisation of the H.U.T, the Hunters United Together.

However, tragedy strikes on his very first mission and Rafe must flee his home and try to save his brother from the clutches of evil, while trying to himself and his new friends from the darkness that is Whiteoak. He must now experience life on the other side of the wooden stake.

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The Creatures of Darkness; Curse of the Werepyre