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Keegan Bundy is a suicidal overly pessimistic teenager. His only goal in life is to end it. That's up until one night a girl stops him from taking the jump and takes it on herself to show him how to appreciate life.


Keegan Bundy is as average as you can found. Average looks, average height, average intellect. Nothing about him stands out aside from his many suicide attempts. Liesel Ruskin is usually described as annoyingly crazy by Keegan. Even though she tries to help him appreciate life, he still thinks she's out of her mind, most of the time. Paxton Bell is a nerd and one of Keegan's few friends. He has an obsession with his TI-83 calculator which has all the applications possible on it. Galen Cook aka Glenn, aka Quagmire is one of Keegan's other friend. Galen knows everything there is to know about Family Guy. He can keep up an entire conversation with only Family Guy’s quote and says “gigitty” like no one else can. Derek Russell is one of Keegan's friends. He's a really great guy but in Keegan opinions he could be one of those serial killers in the making. Nadia Parish, or as Keegan likes to call her, the hot alien chick, is the cliché blond perfect girl that Keegan's infatuated with.

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