The Ivy League
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They are the elite: the people to be, the group to be a part of. They are The Ivy League. When sarcastic, headstrong Courtney Meyers receives an invitation to join them, nothing is ever the same again. Laughter, tears, obnoxious pranks, love...


Courtney Meyers (sophia bush): Courtney, who hails from Toronto, Canada, is suddenly plucked up and sent to live with her uncle in sunny California. Courtney is strongwilled and stubborn, which equals bad news for members of the popular "Ivy League". When Courtney decides to take them down, she's leaving nobody behind. Ellen McAllister (sara paxton): Head of the Ivy League, Ellen is snotty, rude and mean. A prototypical Regina George, Ellen knows how to work a room and everyone in it. While not so much respected as feared, Ellen can get almost anyone in the school to do her bidding. When Courtney comes along and decides to challenge Ellen's way of life, things get ugly. Grace Anderson (emma watson): Courtney's first and best friend in California, Grace is like a toned down version of Courtney. While also sarcastic and saucy, Grace also is more reserved. Grace belonged to the Ivy League, but when Ellen's reign was challenged quickly switched sides to Team Courtney. Jacob Howe (adam gregory): Initially Courtney's enemy, he soon becomes a close personal friend. Previously having dated an Ivy Leaguer, Jacob thought that Courtney was the same as all the other Leaguers; pretty, manipulative, cold-hearted and snide. Once Courtney proves to the school's population that she is not that way, Jake and her quickly become fast friends. Nate Anderson (chace crawford): Ellen's boyfriend, although somewhat unhappily. Nate despises his place in the Ivy League almost as much as Ellen loves leading it. Apathetic and good looking, he of course strikes Courtney's fancy immediately. Isaac Meyers (ryan reynolds): Courtney's uncle. Young and funloving, he has made quite a bit of money but can still joke around with his niece. Isaac never married, as he still carries a torch for his high school girlfriend Leslie.

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The Ivy League

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