The Outcasts

The book cover for "The Outcasts".

The Outcasts is a book created by the user MentalMelodies. It's a story about an unnamed girl that finds out that she is supernatural. This particular girl is called many names that isn't her own. Even though she tries multiple times to say her name, she is always interrupted.

This girl's identity is kept top secret for unknown reasons.

(All of the details will be posted once the book is posted on Wattpad. This is simply a book preview.)

Summary Edit

"Who are you people? Can you help me?" She can't remember a thing. People call her all kinds of names, but none of them are her real one. She probably doesn't even remember how she came to be with the Outcasts. Everything is going too fast for her. She developed strange powers. Everyone hates her for some reason. But, she can't figure out why.