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Tyrant: Battle for Earth is the first sequel to "The Tyrant Monster". It is about a teenager named Spectre Blackfield, he was a normal high school student until chaos arrived at humanity. The arrival and terrorizing of a creature called "Tyrant" brought death and havoc to humanity. However, 35.6% of humanity stood up and defended themselves, well... Spectre was one of them too, his parents, classmates, friends and others that he loved were slaughtered by tyrants. The small percentage of humanity built defenses and created their own military organization, law and civilization. They slowly discover how to build weapons, gears, armors and mainly what to use against the Tyrants, the weapon was named "AS-28" and the armor "Prime Black" (or PB). Later on the armor and weapon was fully named "Alpha Set"

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There still hasn't been any announcements about the release date of the story. He is still working on the story, only said that the release date might go on December 20th of Year 2018 or 2017, however it may still be released at a faster time.

Planetary Elites Forces Edit

Planetary Elite Forces (P.E.F.) is a military organization that fights for humanity's freedom. The military organization is first discovered on July 16th, 3028 by Klein Christoph.

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