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Jessica is a noirmal 15 year old girl. An artist with a dead brother, farhter, and a distant mother. Jace is a 15 year old thats anything but ordinary. Lets start with the fact that he’s werewolf. When these two meet they fall. But werewolves and humans don't mix and Jace knows it. One or both of them will get hurt. Espacilly since it seems like Damain's out ot get Jace. The question is why?


Jessica: Jessica is a 15 year old artist. Her brother and dad both died in a car crash when she was 10. Her mother has neve been the same. she loves to draw differnt parts of nature. Shes a very nice person, but shes snestive on the subject of death and her fmaily. Jace: Jace is a 15 yera old werewolf. He has never known his parnets. He was raised by his cousin Leighton's parnets. for years the two of them have lived on there own in the woods. He loves the woods and his cousin , who is like his brother, they are his life. Damain: Damian is 18 and evil. he doesn't care what he ahs to do to get what he wnats. He's the leader of his own pack and his killed several of them without remorse. He's after Jace who he has much more history with then Jace knows.

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About the writer: The writer goes by the username whynotforever on Wattpad link above. She also has a twitter and tumblr with links on her Wattpad page. Her pen name is Gigi Rodriguez. shes been writing since she was in second grade and is currently 13. She is also working on a Harry potter fan fiction called the Diary of Mleody Potter and has her poems up on Wattpad. fun Facts: the names can take a long amount of time to come up with. I try not to use to m any commonly used names. And will actually go on baby name websites ust to find a good name. Most of the wereewolf facts in this book are not traditonal. The book has its own story about how werewolves came to be in the first place. The cast for Wolves in the woods is trying to be decided just click on the link if you'd like to help The story is still in need of being edited this is all just a first draft. The writer palns on making lot sof changes befor offically ending all work on the story. This book is not planned. Its a mkae it up as you go along kind of thing. The author is open to suggestions. Songs or pictures for chapters as well are feedback are highly apprecited.

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