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When Alice Kingsly is accidentally killed during a school field trip, her soul drifts into a Limbo-world called Wonderland. Not able to accept the fact that she's died, Alice goes to the legendary "Angel of Life" for help. But when the Angel delusionaly thinks she's a Queen, and asks for something to be done in return, will Alice be able to return the favor or go mad trying?


  • Alice - The heroine of the story. She came to the Limbo-world Wonderland after she was accidentally killed on a school field trip to the Statue of Liberty. She cannot accept the fact that she's died, and will do anything to return to her life. Even if that means risking her sanity.
  • The Mad Hatter - A spirit from Victorian-era Britain. He once tried to ask the Angel for Life to return him back to his life, but for an unknown fit of rage (or possibly her madness), the Angel of Life denied his request to go back to his former life and attempted to turn him mad. Thanks to his lucky stars however, he almost dodged her magic spell. He was nicked on the elbow by the spell, and was doomed to have random fits of madness whenever certain things are mentioned to him.
  • The Angel of Life - An angel that was punished by God for unknown reasons. She was sent to the Limbo-world "Wonderland" as punishment. Her job was to give souls a chance to go back to their lives if they were worthy of it. After the first millenium however, she started to go mad with power. She now goes by as "The Queen of Hearts" or "The Red Queen". Instead of looking over a soul's life to deam them worthy of returning to their former life, she gives them tasks to fight for their right to live; some don't even get that chance (see; The Mad Hatter).
  • Lost Souls - Souls that have been turned mad by the Red Queen. They are faceless, mist like forms. They appear countless times throught the Wonderland Series, trying to get Alice to turn back from wence she came so she doesn't end up like they did.
  • Cheshire Cat - A cat that causes trouble for Alice from time to time. At times he will give helpful advice to Alice, but other times he will speak utter nonscence.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Before the third chapter of Wonderland was even finished, NerdlingProductions had already thought of the entire plot for a sequel to Wonderland!
  • The plot for Wonderland came from the day-dreams of NerdlingProductions.

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