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You Know Who, by Francesca Roland


Desktop wallpaper made by Francesca Roland.

You Know Who, a Wattpad book by Francesca Roland, follows the love story of a super villain haunted by her own traumatic past.

Roland uses a lot of personal experience in this book, highlighting many events in her own life, and putting a lot of herself in the characters she creates.


Carilynn de Angelus opens the story by kidnapping a security guard. Liam Everett is the security guard and he is taken to Carilynn's crime agency, Millennium Corporation. There he falls in love with Carilynn and helps start World War 4 on the side. The war is over quickly, but not quickly enough for Carilynn's past to come back in the form of a figure (Sean Riverside) whom she really wished was not in her life. Everett spends a steamy night with Carilynn, and they try and regain control of the Corporation as it has been thrown into anarchy while they are away. Carilynn faints and finds out a surprise in the hospital, and gets kidnapped by Sean Riverside afterwards. Sean tortures Carilynn, Liam sinks into grief, and Liam heads his own rescue mission after the Corporation turns on him when a cruel rumour is spread about him. 

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Celebrity Cast (chosen by author on Wattpad)Edit

  • Scarlett Johansson as Carilynn de Angelus
  • Logan Lerman as Liam Everett
  • Tom Hiddleston as Sean Riverside
  • Natalie Portman as Elizabeth Ross
  • Joel Edgerton as David Ross
  • Megan Fox as Kylie Calderon
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Jeanette Starvich
  • Nicole Kidman as Mercedes Jameson
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Ryan Burden

And that is You Know Who by Francesca Roland!